Tips and advices to calm coronavirus anxiety while working from home


Tips and advices to calm coronavirus anxiety while working from home

Nowadays we are going through a global situation that is not easy for any of us. Working from home due to the confinement is a new scenario for everyone and it can generate certain anxiety that could eventually complicate our daily life and ability to keep on working.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that experiencing some anxiety due to the current situation is "normal, proportional and appropriate", according to Pedro Rodríguez Sánchez, member of the General Council of Psychology of Spain, and specialist in Clinical Psychology. Rodríguez highlights that although we should be aware of this, we must not allow our own thoughts to end up in an uncontrolled anxiety.

To do so, Rodriguez himself explains that it is crucial to avoid repeating to ourselves that we are facing a problem without any solution: "We are usually the ones who end up unleashing anxiety and its emotional reactions".

Therefore, it is key to having a good attitude towards this quarantine. We should make the effort to look at the bright side during this situation. However, it does not mean that we have to think about big ideas or aim to find the solution, simple behaviours such as reading a book or watching a movie that were still pending will contribute to generate small episodes of happiness that help to control anxiety.

It is about feeding your mind, keeping it busy and avoid procrastination at all. It is a good idea to add different routines to our daily life, so it will prevent anxiety and fear from getting out of control and becoming a problem.

Regarding routines that can help us throughout these days, psychologist Ángel Rull, recommends breathing techniques to reduce anxiety levels. For example, performing a diaphragmatic breathing exercise, consisting of filling the lungs with air slowly, from the bottom to the top. It will allow us to relax after a few minutes. These exercises, focused on breathing, contribute to manage anxiety, as they ease relaxation and muscle functionality.

In addition, experts advise to combine this type of exercises with physical activity. Home workouts can fill us with energy while releasing endorphins. Not only will exhaust us but also will keep our minds busy and without overthinking. Noemí Guillamón, expert in treating anxiety, points out that physical activity stimulates those hormones linked to neurotransmission functions, which are involved in the regulation of pain and the feeling of well-being. The natural stimulation of this system can cause analgesia (less sensation of pain) and improve mood through its euphoric and relaxing effects. Moreover, we have experienced these days that there is a wide range of workouts online that can be done at home, no matter the fitness level or age.

Ana Isabel Gutiérrez, psychologist expert in Clinical and Social Work, also recommends maintaining a circle of friends and family to disconnect from work and feel supported in this situation. Aligned with her, psychologist Miguel Ángel Rizaldos advises to maintain regular contact and share with them our feelings.

Finally, a common advise recommended by the majority of experts is to stick to our daily routines, even if we are working from home. This means to keep wearing the clothes as if we were going to the office, take a shower once we wake up, maintain the regular work and meal schedules… which, at the end of the day, is keeping the same routines that we have always had.

To sum up, some tips and recommendations that will help us to maintain our body and mind active and optimistic towards this situation. Hence, we have the tools necessaries so our day-to-day life is affected as little as possible, and that this situation is as bearable as possible.

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