Technology and office design also contribute to employee's health


Technology and office design also contribute to employee's health

Health and technology are two disciplines that have been always linked to each other. However, in the last few years, they have become even closer. And now, with the scenario that will take place after COVID19, this link will be for sure stronger, involving offices as well.

For example, the use of wearables, technology as smart watches, will be increased. In fact, they have been increasing their presence in work environments lately, helping to improve the productivity of companies and some of their processes.  From now on, it seems that this technology will be more focused on health. In fact, before the pandemic’s outbreak, some researches indicated that 81% of its users had improved their health and lifestyle performance thanks to these gadgets. In addition, other data also indicate that by 2023, money spent on devices applied to healthcare will reach up to $6 billion.

Nowadays, there are already solutions that can be applied to this type of work. For example, Lumo Lift is an app that indicates if the sitting position is the right one, thus improving the way we sit down and avoiding back and joints pain.

Another app that can be implemented at the offices has to do with the need to remind the employees the benefits of standing up and walk for a bit from time to time.  There are several activity bracelets that allow us to count the steps and also to set up some reminders so we don't forget to get up. Even if it's just to go and refill our water bottle, it's good to walk and avoid being sat for the whole day.

For sure, once we get back to normal routines, many companies will choose to check the temperature of their employees. To do so, they must know that there are tools that allow them to do so. Among those ones, we can find Wishbone, which connects to the mobile device and checks the temperature without any physical contact with people.

Beyond technology, can interior design also enhance health?

Beyond technology, there are other resources that also improve employees’ health, as it may be the case of interior designs.

We have already explained in our blog how colours can do so. Some of them have analgesic effects, such as green, while others, such as yellow, enhance brain activity by stimulating creativity.

Plants also allow offices inner spaces to be healthier. There is evidence that they improve employee's health, helping to reduce fatigue and distractions. Other benefits include keeping humidity up to optimal levels and reduce the amount of dust in the environment.

An optimal ergonomics and workplace design have also an impact on employee's health and comfort. Thanks to a good chairs, tables and office material’s distribution employee's mood and productivity can be improved.

To sum up, on our way back to routine, techniques and tools to improve the welfare of employees in the offices, will be undoubtedly necessary.

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