Take note of the these plants to make your office more sustainable


Take note of the these plants to make your office more sustainable

Working in healthy offices is more important than ever. The Plants are an element that help us to achieve this goal. But it's good to know that there are some that are more suitable than others, so in this post we tell you which are the most recommended:


We start with one of the most suitable. It produces a lot of oxygen, helping to purify the air in a completely natural way. In addition, it reduces stress and helps improve breathing problems for some people. It is not a plant that requires special care, so it's an excellent option for an office.


It is advisable to place them next to computer screens, because of their ability to neutralize electromagnetic waves, repelling electrical pollution and thus reducing fatigue, headaches or insomnia.


Another interesting plant is the Aralia, which besides being very decorative is recommended especially now in spring, as it relieves the symptoms of allergy. Depending on how it grows, it can become a small tree.


Known as the cradle of Moses, we recommend it because it acts as an air filter, cleaning the toxicity of the rooms. It is easy to maintain and has a very beautiful flower, which gives any area an extra decoration to be taken into account.


And the last one we recommend is Poto, because it can eliminate up to three types of toxins: formaldehyde, xylene and benzene. However, it is advisable to keep it hanging and not on the floor because it can be toxic for some animals.

All of them are ideal for working environments, because as explains Cary Cooper, a psychologist and expert in well-being at work at the University of Manchester, "spaces that incorporate nature offer a quieter environment that allows for easier attention, less fatigue and low recovery needs". In short, health and performance benefits that any company should incorporate in their strategy.

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