September: revolution in the office


September: revolution in the office

Although summer officially finishes on 23 September, we all know that that the end of August marks the end of the season. We have had time to rest and return to the office with our batteries charged. September therefore seems like a unique opportunity to change the office routine, to which end we offer the following tips.

Make small changes. When they arrive at the workplace, employees may get extra motivation on seeing the small changes that have been made to the design of the office. If any of these changes come from an idea that they have suggested, they will feel a part of the business culture by seeing how they have played a part in the decision-making process. If you don’t know how to implement such adjustments, check out another of our articles in which we tell you everything you need to know to ensure the success of the changes you make.

Find a new hobby. Holidays teach us something fundamental regarding happiness in the workplace – rest increases productivity. It is very important to dedicate time during the week to an activity that we enjoy, that motivates us and which takes us away from the stress of work. The activity that you do is not important, what really counts is finding something that relaxes you and allows you to plan your schedule for the week.

Brainstorming meetings. Throughout the year we are immersed in a very stressful maelstrom of activity, meeting deadlines, holding meetings, travelling etc. The pace is frenetic and often we cannot find the time to reflect on what we are doing and how we could improve it. The first days of September can be very useful for meeting with your team, redistributing work and suggesting possible improvements. Despite the fact that these meetings require preparatory work, as everybody needs to have their suggestions ready, they nevertheless can help us to get back our enthusiasm for what we are doing and set new growth challenges.

Set up a training plan. Companies tend to underestimate the importance of continuous training in the daily work routine. Meet with your team and draw up a training plan together that allows employees to move away from their workplace stagnation and improve performance. The implementation of new strategies and knowledge not only keeps interest levels high among the staff but also improves their work, providing a qualitative leap in terms of their performance.

Allow employees to develop individual projects. Give your team the chance to work on or specialise in an independent personal project. It will not only stimulate their interest and level of motivation, but also introduce new approaches, systems and tools that will improve the company’s results.

If you follow this advice you will bring about a change in the general feeling that September is the worst month of the year, creating a new sense of dynamism that will improve the professional wellbeing of employees throughout the year.

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