Sedentary lifestyle in the office


Sedentary lifestyle in the office

Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle in the office is one of the main objectives within the Wellbeing strategies of companies. Companies are increasingly concerned about the health and wellbeing of employees and have understood that physical activity must also be present during the workday.

The change in the current work mode has led us to spend more than 8 hours a day in front of the computer, which can trigger thinning of the bones, back pain and cardiovascular diseases in employees.

Our physical and mental wellbeing depends largely on the amount of exercise we do every day. To combat the sedentary lifestyle in the office, many companies are encouraging their employees to do physical activity by providing workspaces with sports facilities inside the offices or through assisted activities for employees.

Here are some tips and recommendations to avoid the sedentary lifestyle in the office:

How do we avoid the sedentary lifestyle in the office?

Avoid the lift and take the stairs: It is preferable to take the stairs when moving from one floor to another as long as the distance between them is not excessively long.

Walk during the working day: Getting up from the chair every hour and taking small walks around the office activates the leg muscles. Another way to combat the sedentary lifestyle in the office is to pedal while you work. Performing physical exercise while working has been shown to positively influence employee concentration and productivity.

Meetings while walking: With the incorporation of Millennials into the work force, many companies are transforming their work methods. So much so that companies like Apple and Facebook prefer to schedule meetings in more relaxed spaces. It has also been shown that walking contributes to having more creative ideas.

Eat outside of the office: it is preferable to avoid eating in front of the computer and to rest during your meal. Therefore, a good option to reduce sedentary work and avoid fatigue, is to leave the office when it is time to eat.

Finally, having good body posture is also important for the health of employees: This involves sitting in a proper manner, with your back straight and your knees at the same level as your hips. For this reason choosing the right chair is also important; it must be reclining and allow height adjustment.

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