People and offices in the centre


People and offices in the centre

In recent times, the rise of technology companies and startups has generated a new trend in office rentals that has led these companies to look for properties near large cities. This phenomenon, which began in the United States and has gradually taken hold in Europe, now seems to be reaching even greater importance due to the new scenario that the Covid-19 has implemented in our society. But what are the advantages for a company to move to the centre? At Colonial we analyse them all:

Firstly, there is a clear economic component. The high prices that have come to mean the financial districts have led companies to seek land in the centre of cities, either by occupying buildings and headquarters reformed mythical or renting offices in prominent places for their more technological departments.

Beyond the economic factor, the entry of the millennials into the labour market has led companies to look for new ways of attracting and retaining talent. Nowadays, most employees value the optimisation of their time and look for workplaces where they can move easily and quickly by public transport.

Another major consideration for employees when choosing a job is to find a balance between work and personal life. The most central office locations provide all the comforts of urban life, as employees have a variety of leisure options at their disposal, such as the possibility of accessing gyms near their work, being able to enjoy the gastronomic offer without wasting time, going to an art gallery or relaxing in a nearby park, not to mention the possibility of being able to return home on foot.

Finally, the emergence of other transversal values of great importance both for companies and for workers, such as sustainability, the quality of the facilities, the flexibility of the offices and work spaces and the technology in the facilities, have led to the search for unique, quality buildings that have been completely refurbished or rebuilt and which offer a differentiation for brands compared to other competitors.

In this current context, Colonial has been able to identify the keys that lead companies to seek new locations and has included in its portfolio of properties buildings that provide solutions to these needs and offer all the benefits that this type of company seeks. Such is the case of the Ortega y Gasset 100 building located in one of the most emblematic areas of the Salamanca district of Madrid and renovated in accordance with the most rigorous sustainability requirements, or its Ciutat de Granada building, 150 located in the famous 22@ district of Barcelona, a modern office enclave that has all the technical and innovation resources in a district that is in full swing.

In short, the current context and the new business management, more focused on its workers, encourage this trend and it seems that the new generations want to move back to the centre.

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