An office without paper is a sustainable office


An office without paper is a sustainable office

The step towards sustainability is a movement that every company should do sooner rather than later. To be sustainable is no longer an option but should be an obligation and is a good step to saying goodbye to paper.

By taking this decision it will provide interesting benefits to companies beyond those related to the environment since the workplace will be tidier and therefore more efficient, it will also improve work processes and both time and space will be saved.

Certainly, it is a process that requires effort, planning and time, and perhaps therefore, many companies are reluctant to address it. Not knowing how to do it and having a large amount of information and documentation in paper format also tends to be other obstacles that continuously delay this process. But the good news is that there are many existing tools to carry out this task with success, and with the guidelines that we will explain to you next, to do it successfully and efficiently will be easier:

The first step is to have a scanning system suitable to the needs of the company.

Logically, it is also necessary to store these scanned documents, so that it is quick, simple and accessible to everyone who needs to consult them. There are multiple options for this, with cloud systems being the most recommended. In this case, security is fundamental therefore, while all cloud platforms are secure it is worth making sure that our security specific requirements are met. At permission level, it is also convenient to offer a range of different possibilities, to offer different levels of access to users.

Another recommendation is to have a document management system (DMS) software to easily manage scanned documents. In this case, there are also different solutions according to the necessary requirements.

In addition, another necessary step, which will allow us to gain space and even rethink new areas for the office, is the destruction of scanned documents. If this option is opted, it is best to value the services that companies offer that are dedicated to this task, which offer certificates of guarantees and security, so that there is not a problem during this process.

In this way, having completed this process, we will have a more digital, sustainable, and adaptable office to the modern times.

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