Office of the month at Colonial: Ramírez Arellano, 37


Office of the month at Colonial: Ramírez Arellano, 37

Madrid is an iconic city; many monuments and landmarks construct the city’s visual identity along its bustling, cosmopolitan streets. The Ramírez Arellano, 37 office building is one of the buildings that forms part of the capital’s skyline. 

Thanks to its strong architectural personality and Premium characteristics, this office building has been named Colonial’s “Office of the Month” for August.

Ramírez Arellano, 37 is located in a perfectly designed area on the M-30 and Avenida de América junction, one of Madrid’s hubs. This building is located a few metres from both the airport and the city centre and has eight floors offering a total surface area of almost 6,000m2, which rise up into an open and airy space. It also has its own car park.

Like all Colonial buildings, the Ramírez Arellano office building, tries to operate with maximum energy efficiency in order to achieve greater sustainability; this building uses a facilities management system through Building Management System in order to reduce energy costs.

The facade of the Ramírez Arellano office building is its hallmark. It offers a dynamic and fun feeling that allows the office building’s employees to work in different spaces and pleasant environments, not only due to its architectural composition, but also for its location and its exterior; communal areas and gardens surround the building, helping to maintain more pleasant landscapes, conserving employee motivation.

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