Office decoration trends in 2020


Office decoration trends in 2020

Trends in office decoration for 2020 involve the creation of multifunctional, collaborative spaces that can be adapted at any given time to the needs of the people using them. There is also strong emphasis on minimalism and on the incorporation of new technologies that facilitate work and make the use of space more efficient.

Some of these trends are presented below:


Biophilia will be established in offices through the use of natural, organic materials in wooden floors, stone walls and through an abundance of plants. Decorative elements composed of natural materials, and floral patterns and fresh colours for decorative items such as sofas, cushions and carpets are therefore recommended.

Industrial design will also be very much in fashion: open brickwork walls, metal shelves and details with a metallic effect, plus a major presence of industrial materials.

These two trends will be joined by asymmetrical, geometric and/or circular decorative elements to convey movement to work spaces. These range from lamps in these styles to areas of wall covered in paper printed with dynamic, twisting shapes. The purpose is to establish a certain disruption in neutral and minimalist spaces.


Continuing with the biophilic approach, neutral, versatile colours will predominate on walls, floors and in office furniture. There will nevertheless be very much a wish to break the monotony created through the use of neutral tones with decorative elements in striking colours. Purplish, orangey and pastel colours will be particularly prevalent to provide a little contrast and vitality to spaces dominated by “less is more”.


“Smart”, ergonomic furniture that promotes collective and group work will be incorporated with a view to establishing multifunctional spaces that encourage teamwork and improve employee productivity. Smart work spaces are becoming a reality and offices will continue to evolve and become increasingly personalised.

Furniture will also be a key part of creating multigenerational spaces to meet all the requirements in an organisation.

We are therefore witnessing a clear dominance of minimalism and neutrality. In order to create spaces that encourage productivity and teamwork, simplicity will be the trend in 2020. Only a few items will be added to establish a little movement and contrast.

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