The new objectives in the office for the new year


The new objectives in the office for the new year

With the arrival of the new year, it is always good to replan our environment and find time to organise new objectives. Which tends to be the main objective? To be happier. As obvious as it seems, we must be as satisfied as possible with our lives to achieve other objectives and to reach new challenges both professional and personal.

We spend most of our time at work and for this reason in many occasions we speak about the importance of occupational wellbeing and its benefits.

More and more businesses realise the value of employee happiness, hence employer branding programmes design plans to retain their professionals talents offering a pleasant environment through technology and design.

In addition, offices are changing continuously finding ways to improve their workspace into a more modern, pleasant, functional and creative environmental design. Also, new tendencies have appeared such as coworking.

This is why we want to give you some ideas so that both companies and workers can make 2020 a year full of accomplished objectives:

  • To always learn new things: to motivate ourselves it is essential to keep learning new things and to evolve personally and professionally. For this reason, we encourage new learning activities to be proposed. Thanks to the digital transformation the gamification technique can be used to learn in an entertaining way and to motivate people. Is there a better way to learn while having fun?
  • Share: collaborative spaces are very helpful to put in common different points of view and to practise the technique ‘brainstorming’. Common areas are ideal spaces to construct new projects and do group cohesion. It also provides value to the team and is a good idea to take time to disconnect from technology and spending time with your work colleagues.
  • To be more sustainable: currently sustainability is being talked about everywhere, but do we know how to apply it correctly in our offices? Consuming less energy, making the most of natural light and reducing the consumption of paper are some activities that you may not be doing yet at your office but are a must for this year.
  • Practise mindfulness: to obtain a greater personal stability, applying a mindfulness space at the office should be another objective for this year. This practice helps to correctly manage thoughts and emotions from our full attention. Interesting right?

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