Millennials II: How to lead this generation in the office?


Millennials II: How to lead this generation in the office?

Although much has been written about millennials and what they are like when dealing with a working environment, this generation is still a challenge for many companies. Millennials were born into an environment used to change and completely digital. They have a very good education yet reject the rigidity of corporate rules and do not conform as much as their predecessors. In light of this situation, companies are faced with a new challenge. How can this generation be led in a working environment? Some keys to succeeding with a millennial team are described below:

Flexibility. For millennials, flexibility in working hours is essential as it means they can balance their professional and personal life, which for companies represents an advantage when making this generation loyal. To achieve this objective, the home-office should become part of the working day and an effort should be made to make clocking on and off times less strict.

Amicable leaders. Millennials do not want a boss who is distant and demanding. They need someone who is amicable and acts as a mentor to them. Amicableness starts in the office and it is important that even if a physical space for working is not shared, the senior person’s office should always be accessible to everyone and he or she should deal with the team on a daily basis.

Knowing people and belonging to cross-cutting teams. This generation seeks to enjoy their work at every level and much of that fun occurs when the environment allows for the establishment of personal relations and the atmosphere is easy-going. They also prefer a dynamic atmosphere in which it is possible to work on a cross-cutting basis as a team and with different areas of the company. In order to manage teams of millennials,  it may be a good idea to combine flexible office space with traditional offices.

Dynamism and creativity. Millennials need clear inputs and varied, short-term activities. This generation is very creative and may interpret very strict guidelines as an old-fashioned and out-of-date way of managing. Make sure you maintain good communication with your team and let them give their opinions about how to improve work processes and innovate in daily tasks.

In short, flexible working hours, amicable relations, leadership style, multidisciplinary teams and creativity are the bases upon which to work in order to retain millennial talent. You should bear in mind that you will not only be creating a team, but will also be integrating this generation in a working environment where, in 2025, 5 different generations will coexist. 

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