The importance of sustainable buildings


The importance of sustainable buildings

Sustainability is necessary in any sector, including architecture and real estate. The planet demands environmental solutions in any field to protect its natural resources, which are increasingly scarce in some cases, so these actions can no longer be delayed.

By applying sustainable construction measures in building, for example, we will enhance the energy transition, fighting at the same time against global warming, a global problem.

Fortunately, promoting green building can be done in different ways: using recyclable materials, choosing low-carbon materials, putting solar energy first, or making efficient use of energy in the facilities.

Measures that are accessible and feasible to incorporate into the construction process of a building today, and that will allow us to promote the health of the planet.

Furthermore, these are actions that will not only benefit the environment but also the economy of the company itself, because these buildings require fewer resources to operate, so the bills will be lower, as Cristina Reñones, manager of Technical Analysis of Singular Assets at Sareb explains: "Sustainable construction reduces the energy consumption of the building, as well as that of water. Therefore, the maintenance costs are lower".

It is important to be aware of this point, as it may be a reason to encourage those companies that have doubts about it to take the plunge, assuming that sustainable construction is accompanied by a subsequent reduction in costs, may be a reason to tip the balance in their favour.

In addition, sustainability is increasingly a value to be taken into account for investors in the real estate sector, who are looking for properties to be BREEAM certified. A survey of more than 100 real estate investors shows this interest, concluding, for example, that 71% would accept higher costs in order to provide more environmentally friendly and energy efficient properties.

At Colonial we are perfectly aware of this need. We are developing a strategic sustainability plan 2015-2030, with several objectives, such as cutting the carbon footprint by more than 75% or achieving 70% green energy consumption. Necessary measures to help improve the health of the planet

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