The importance of ecodesign in the office


The importance of ecodesign in the office

The term ecodesign is still unfamiliar to many, but that will soon change because society itself is its main beneficiary. Ecodesign involves prioritising environmental matters when acquiring a product or a service.

It is a concept that can also be applied to offices in order to ensure that they respect the planet more. An increasing number of companies are, in fact, committed to ecodesign as they become increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability.

Ecodesign can be incorporated into offices in several ways and gradually to suit one’s means and resources. It also involves a change in mentality, because although sustainable products may initially be more expensive, in the long-term they are more economically worthwhile because of their durability.

A good way to start implementing ecodesign is:

  • Using furniture made from recycled or recyclable materials. Tables for meetings with a structure made from pallets, for example, are highly recommendable as they combine high-sustainability standards (use of a recycled material) and cutting-edge design (installing a differential and fashionable item in the office).
  • Another similar option is bookshelves made from recycled cardboard, which is a hard-wearing, sustainable and economical material.

There is indeed a market with a broad range of office furniture that meets ecodesign standards, thus enabling a company to make good use of natural resources while equipping the office with functional, sustainable and cutting-edge furniture.

Office ecodesign, however, goes beyond furniture and accessory-type objects.

  • It also involves being aware of whether office electrical appliances are energy efficient and, if not, changing them for others that are. Despite the initial outlay, the energy bill will be reduced as they require less electricity to operate.

Incorporating this concept into our office will yield different benefits. For example, it improves corporate image as it conveys the idea that the company is concerned about the environment and sustainability, it provides a response to most of today’s consumers who are increasingly aware of environmental issues, and it establishes a positive edge over many of the company’s competitors.

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