How to set up an office recycling system?


How to set up an office recycling system?

Recycling is no longer an option but a necessity that should be implemented in every scope of society, and this includes offices as well. Our current situation demands a maximum effort to take care of our planet and thus, setting up an office recycling system will contribute considerably to environmental improvements.

Setting up an office recycling system is not complicated; you only need to make a few arrangements to be completely efficient. Overall, there are only two types of waste generated at the office: paper and cardboard. This said, it is basic to have specific containers to place this type of waste. Nevertheless, a good office recycling system must include as well other type of containers to accommodate more common waste such as plastic, glass and organic material.

Another specific waste generated at the office are printer cartridges. The best option to deal with this type of waste is to hire the services of a company to collect them periodically, since those cannot be placed in any of the containers mentioned above. A similar situation occurs with old electronic devises and it is also common to arrange a specific service to get rid of them. This type of devises must be thrown to specific containers specially designed to accommodate them ensuring its correct recycling. There are many sites offering information about the nearest recycling points on your area.

Regarding plastic, it is good to point out that offices must cut of its use to the minimum, substituting vessels, bins, and plastic storage to other type of materials more respectful to environment such as porcelain, fiberglass, or crystal. In this sense, excessive use of paper must be avoided as well, check out our recommendation on this subject right here. There is enough technology nowadays to make an office a paperless space, but maybe the most important thing to do is going ahead and take the plunge to diminish the use of paper.

Only by following these few recommendations your office will have a robust physical system to dispose common waste efficiently however, let’s go a little bit forward with some extra tips to design an action plan to educate your staff to make a good use of it.

For starters is highly recommended to point out a recycling manager. This person will be in charge of promoting recycling habits among their pears, leading the office recycling system set up, and getting in contact with outsourcing services. Besides, signs and boarding materials should be spread among offices areas informing about the different waste mechanisms and best practices so that everyone is informed.

But most of all, it is important that all of us became conscious that the best waste is the one not generated and at the end of the day this is the direction that we must work for. Before then, it is key to manage waste correctly to improve safe the environment as much as we can.

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