How to have a recycling system in the office?


How to have a recycling system in the office?

Recycling is no longer an option, but a necessity that should be implemented in any area of society, including offices. Today's world asks us to take the utmost care of our planet, and if we implement a recycling plan in the office, we will also be contributing to environmental improvement.

To do so is not complicated, it is only necessary to follow a series of tips and steps, to make it really effective. In general, two types of waste are generated in offices: paper and cardboard. Therefore, it is essential to have containers for depositing this waste. But a good recycling system must extend to all the usual waste, such as plastic, glass, leftovers and organic material, installing a container for each of them.

Another waste in an office is printer cartridges. The best option in this case is to periodically hire the services of a company to collect them, as they cannot be thrown away in any of the containers mentioned above. The same happens with electronic products that no longer work, and it is also common for any company to do so. They must be deposited in specially authorised points to ensure their correct recycling. Through different websites, we can find out which is the closest.  

With regard to plastic, it is good to point out that we should limit its use to a minimum, replacing containers of this material with others made of glass, crystal or ceramics, materials that are much more respectful of the environment, as they are not for a single use. And in this same sense, the use of paper should be avoided as much as possible, as we explained a few months ago in our blog. Nowadays there is enough technology to make an office a 'paperless' space, but perhaps the most important thing is to change the chip and decide to take the step to do without it.

With all this, we will have the physical system that will allow us to dispose of the most common waste properly, and some advice that will add to the objective of caring for the environment. But we have to go further, and design a plan of action, to make the company aware and for people to make use of the system.

To do this, it is advisable to assign a person within the company who is responsible for recycling, to promote and raise awareness of this measure among colleagues and to lead the implementation of the system we have mentioned, contacting the necessary external companies. And for this purpose, you can put up posters in the company informing about the recycling mechanism or send e-mails periodically so that everyone gets involved.

But above all, we must be aware that the best waste is that which is not generated and that, in the end, it is in this direction that we must work. But by then, it is key to manage waste correctly, in order to add to the health of the planet.

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