How do you bring the hygge philosophy into the office?


How do you bring the hygge philosophy into the office?

The Danes are world famous for being the happiest citizens in the world, according to the many rankings made in this respect every year. And a good reason for this is one word: hygge. Behind it lies a real philosophy of life, which seeks to bring us closer to happiness through the little things, far from the big gimmicks. A way of understanding life that, after a complicated year for many, is well worth taking a look at and learning more about it.

There is no literal translation of this Danish term, but it could be summarised as something linked to the feeling of wellbeing and satisfaction, of being at ease and comfortable in a place. From Colonial, we will consider how we can move it to the offices and give you advice on how to do it, and close this 2020 in the best possible way.

A friendly atmosphere

First recommendation: design and decoration are key. They allow us to create welcoming environments, which is fundamental for the hygge. Natural wood and soft colours, such as pastel shades, help to create spaces that transmit peace and tranquillity, making people feel more comfortable when working. Lighting is another important aspect, but logically it is not just any old thing: it must generate, through artificial light, soft and pleasant spaces, but combining it with natural light, since the latter transmits a greater sensation of well-being. The same goes for plants, which provide a green and sustainable touch, very much in line with generating a comfortable setting. In short, the objective is simple: to transfer the warm, homely atmosphere we have at home to the office.

Another option, in this same direction, is to personalise our desk with objects that are meaningful to us, that when we look at them draw a smile on our face. This can be done with decorative sheets, photographs, inspiring phrases... any element will do!

Beyond design

But not everything lies in aesthetics, since with it we create the ideal framework but it is not enough. Our attitude is fundamental, being key to pay attention to the little things, giving them their deserved importance. For example, enjoying a good coffee or tea as soon as you arrive at the office. Routines that we do a priori without thinking due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but which well deserve a break and enjoy. Or a conversation with a colleague, which may be trivial at first, but if we lend him or her our five senses, it will surely become a pleasant moment. More than actions, what we must understand is that it is necessary to make a change of mentality, to observe more and be attentive to details, to capture those sensations that normally go unnoticed but that can become mini injections of happiness. This is the key to hygge, knowing how to enjoy the little things of everyday life.

And one last piece of advice: music. It adds up to a lot to create an intimate and enveloping atmosphere, and is a very powerful weapon to transmit good feelings, which also encourages creativity, according to a study by the Dutch Radboud University. If you have doubts about which songs to play, don't worry, we have the solution. On Spotify you will find our playlist, Colonial Collection, an ideal option to listen to while you work.

By the way, if we want to bring this philosophy of life to the office we should know how to pronounce it correctly. We will be close if we say "hu-gue" although it will surely be easier for us to check this link and listen to it directly from a native person. Perhaps, after watching the video several times, it will be the most complicated of all.

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