Good office design makes your employees happier


Good office design makes your employees happier

The office is the place we spend most of our time during the week: even more time than at home. Offices previously tended to be sober places with basic, simple decoration in order not to distract employees from their work. It has now been proven, however, that offices should be decorated and have a good ambience so that people feel at ease in them.

Blanca Mery Sánchez, director of the consultancy firm Mente Sana insists that the work environment is crucial for obtaining good results. The best way of ensuring employee well-being, creativity and productivity is to give the office an artistic and creative design by combining colours, shapes and lighting.

There follow details of different aspects to be considered to create a welcoming, modern and inspiring office and therefore to guarantee employees’ well-being and productivity.

Physical space: regardless of the office size, each employee should have his or her space for greater comfort. Concentrating a lot of people at work in the same crowded space generates anxiety and reduces concentration and productivity.

Lighting: more and more importance is being given to creating well-lit buildings capable of absorbing all possible natural light. Making use of daylight not only encourages sustainability but also has a positive impact on employees’ states of mind. Natural light can also be used to decorate the office and establish a wellness environment. Shadows, inappropriate intensity, flashing or gleaming lights should be avoided.

Colours: As well as better office design, colour is a basic aspect to generate improved well-being. Numerous psychological studies have shown how colours affect employee peace of mind and creativity. Each colour gives rise to an emotion and stimulates people in one way or another. For example, colours associated with nature’s main elements such as blue, brown and green reduce heart rate and blood pressure and significantly relieve stress. Whereas colours such as red, yellow and orange encourage creativity and boost energy.

Furniture: Nice design is important, but offices should also be decorated ergonomically and usefully to ensure a practical and pleasant space.

Both areas for working traditionally and for co-working should encourage employees’ creativity and happiness and make sure that they feel in good spirits and energetic at all times. Numerous experts have established that art is a form of decoration that boosts employee’s creativity and well-being at work. Coloured spaces with different geometrical shapes arouse all the senses and make the workspace much more welcoming.

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