Gamification in offices


Gamification in offices

Gamification is a technique that transfers the mechanics of games to learning with a view to improving employees’ results. Digital transformation has given rise to this concept, which is increasingly important in our society.

This can be a good dynamic to use in work spaces, as it helps to reinforce team relations and provides a fun method of motivating employees based on clear goals. Many companies have used this technique to achieve goals and it has been proven that playing increases knowledge and improves performance.

How to use gamification in the office

The idea behind this activity is that when we play we are aware of what the goal is and there are indicators to show how near or far away we are from achieving it. There are different tools, including apps that help to establish play in offices.

To gamify some aspects of the office, it is first necessary to define a clear strategy with which to reveal what areas need to be improved through the activity, what values should be encouraged, what objectives need to be met and the envisaged context to achieve these things.

Innovation is crucial for encouraging participation in activities, without them being seen as obligatory. Employees should also be able to win previously established prizes.

It is also useful to bear in mind the scoring systems, and levels, goals and milestones are ideal for motivating. Lastly, measuring the results of gamification activities is essential in order to determine whether some aspects can be improved and to make their implementation more useful.

Using gamification to perform activities yields certain added values such as:

  • Encouraging motivation and competitiveness
  • Strengthening internal communication and teamwork
  • Improving the knowledge and the performance of employees
  • Helping to absorb the most bothersome tasks

Gamification in the office can be used for a variety of purposes: from creating healthier work environments to improving creativity, encouraging employees to acquire skills and improving companies’ services.

In short, play can be a good way of achieving objectives creatively and making certain working situations more pleasant, and of stimulating employees, establishing a better working atmosphere and increasing productivity.

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