Factors to consider when choosing the best office


Factors to consider when choosing the best office

Choosing the best office for your company requires a lot of effort and dedication. The ideal office must meet a series of requirements and must be adapted to the work preferences and needs of the employees and the company. Here we present some factors to consider when choosing the best office for your company:

Office size

This all depends on the number of people that will be working in the office. A rented space that is too small could negatively affect the efficiency and productivity of the employees. On the other hand, if the office is too big, the company will assume an extra cost in the rent of the office. The workspace must be functional and comfortable for employees.

Office location

The office must be situated in a strategic place for the company, and be accessible and close for the clients, suppliers and, above all for the employees. Therefore, it is important that the office is connected to the main points of the city and that it is easy to access by public transport. The location of the office is one of the most important factors in talent capturing and retention.

Office lighting

It has been shown that the lighting in the office affects employee productivity and health. Sources of natural light should be combined with sources of artificial light and be adaptable to each employee. Good office lighting can reduce sick leave by two days per employee and improve productivity by 4%.


The layout of the workspace is also an important factor to consider when choosing your office. Chill-out areas are increasingly common in work spaces. Similarly, it is necessary to value the coexistence of individual work spaces for work that requires concentration and collective spaces for fostering camaraderie and collaboration among employees.


The use of natural elements in the office and access to landscaped areas or terraces with plants reduces stress levels of employees, improves their productivity and increases the employees’ feeling of well-being.

After considering these factors you can now make a decision and choose the best office for your company. Colonial has a portfolio of properties in Madrid and Barcelona. The portfolio of offices in Barcelona has now reached 99% occupancy. Recently, the Ciutat de Granada building located in the 22@ technology hub achieved a prior occupation rate of 84% with the pre-rental agreement reached with the technological multi-national, King. In Madrid, the availability ratio stands at 6%, after presenting the new Prime Factory Discovery Building office building located in the CBD hub of the capital.

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