The facility manager, a key figure in the new normality


The facility manager, a key figure in the new normality

The facility manager is a figure that in recent years has acquired special relevance and now, in the new normality in which we find ourselves, his role is even more important.

It is a position whose main mission is to efficiently manage all the resources of a building, a kind of 2.0 property manager. We are talking about tasks related mainly to the maintenance of the building, the coordination of the services, the checks of electrical systems... daily routines with the goal of ensuring that the building works properly, but adding value to the companies.

But now, as explains Facility Management Services, their focus is more on people, to ensure their health and well-being. That is why the facility manager is a key figure today.

IFMA explains that these professionals have been working for weeks on this return, in coordination with other departments, helping to develop health protocols that are more imporant than before.

Lorena Espada, CEO of IFMA Spain, explains that the aim of the change in protocols is "to adapt them to new needs. It is people and their way of working that we are thinking about when changing work spaces".

Among her main tasks, she now highlights those of ensuring the reduction of staff concentration and physical proximity, the organization of cleaning and disinfection or keeping everyone informed. All these are fundamental aspects for an office to recover a certain routine.

Raquel Cruz, division director at ISS Facility Services Spain, explained a few weeks ago to Eje Prime that this current situation "will lead to a readjustment of tasks and new types of services, such as taking the temperature of employees or quantifying the use of office space through technology". New actions so far, that only the future will say about their permanence in the next months.

And as Jon Patxi Lerga, General Manager of the SIFU Group, says, this figure needs to bring value to companies, to help reduce the climate of fear of contagion: "The only certainty that we have is that prevention is the best weapon to fight agains COVID-19. It's the only way we can all protect ourselves and get back on track as soon as possible.

In short, a key figure both because of his ability to ensure the health of a work space, and because now, any effort in this direction is more than welcome.

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