Domotics, an essential ally to Corporate Wellness


Domotics, an essential ally to Corporate Wellness

In previous Colonial blog posts we discussed the term Proptech ─acronym for property and technology─ and the application of new technologies in the real estate sector to develop innovative solutions to be implanted in the real estate market.

One of most developed trends in this field has been domotics, a technique that allows to control different elements of a building through technology. But beyond making our lives easier when managing building’s features to turn our offices into smart spaces, domotics also brings multiple solutions to global issues. Do you know how? Pay attention…

What are the benefits of domotics in offices?

There is no doubt that domotics allows a better energy management. First of all, it helps to control energy saving by consumption control ─for instance, through the implementation of systems that notify us when a door or window is open while the heating is on, by scheduling in advance the temperature of office spaces, or through the management of room lighting─.

Domotics also helps to avoid the so-called “ghost consumption” thanks to the use of smart plugs. Their Wi-fi connection makes possible to choose when to turn these plugs on ─they even allow to remotely activate or deactivate devices connected to them─. Therefore, they save energy by avoiding the consumption of connected devices that are not currently in use but in stand-by.

Aside from these benefits, domotics also represents a breakthrough in building security. In fact, by using smart alarms, you can watch office real-time images from a mobile device, and even send automatic notifications when the system detects unidentified movements once the office is empty.

In addition, thanks to the installation of smart speakers, users will be able to control different features of the office through their voice by installing a series of microphones in different office spaces. This system will avoid unnecessary people’s movements between rooms and will also significantly reduce the number of calls and management time.

What do smart offices bring to the user experience?

Domotics also brings some advantages to users, and improves their quality of life. To begin with, it prevents them from performing repetitive tasks, that with domotics could be managed automatically. Secondly, domotics allows to create pleasant working environments through lighting and temperature control. Another advantage of applying domotics in the office is that it prevents unnecessary movements and contacts between the users themselves: reducing crowded spaces enhances concentration.

In summary, domotics turns out to be one of the main allies to Corporate Wellness. It improves workspaces through technology and provides easy solutions to mobility and to the relationship between office users, which becomes really important at the present time.

What other future challenges will domotics be able to solve? You will discover it in upcoming Colonial blog posts.

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