Digital tools to recreate the office at home


Digital tools to recreate the office at home

Working remotely has become a necessity while we face the current situation arising from Covid-19. As far as possible, companies have sent their employees home, with this situation being new for many of them. But luckily, there are many tools that exist today that allow us to temporarily recreate an office in our home. These tools will help us continue with day-to-day life and taking on goals will be a little easier.


This is a simple tool for team work and project management, so that we can have the team organized knowing what each member does at all times. Through cards, lists and boards, it will help to have everything organised, knowing for example, the tasks that each one has and which are completed. It also increases the feeling of working as a team and the feeling  of being accompanied.


Dropbox is a cloud service where you are able to gain access and share files remotely to your work team. In this remote working situation, perhaps not everyone has access to their company's server, so having a cloud service where files and documents can be saved and shared with the rest of your work team is more essential than ever. Dropbox is still one of many that exist, although in reality, they all offer similar features. To know which tool suits us best, we need to look at the storage capacity they offer and their security capabilities.


Skype has been running for years and is still ideal to make video calls and group video calls, from both the computer and phone. Perhaps, what sets it apart from other similar services is that the video calls are high quality, while sometimes the quality of similar services is frequently not as high.


It is a less well-known tool but very useful for working as a team, because it allows you to group messages, tools and files, therefore facilitating collaboration between workers. The idea of this tool is that it replaces email, through the creation of channels where you can to talk to people of your choice, send messages and exchange files. It also has the functionality to be able to make voice calls.


Without a doubt one of the tools that is being used the most these days, partly because Microsoft has offered it for free. Teams aims to improve the communication and collaboration of the different work teams, since they can create group conversations and meetings in a single shared workspace, depending on the needs that you have.

In Conclusion, tools that allow us not only to work at home as if we were in the office, but also to feel connected with our colleagues, is very much needed in this current situation, and that without a doubt helps us to spend these days in the best way possible.

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