Diagonal 525 building receives Novum Design Award in the architectural design category


Diagonal 525 building receives Novum Design Award in the architectural design category

The Diagonal 525 office building, located in the Prime CBD area of Barcelona, has become one of the most emblematic building in the city's business district, standing out for its high performance in terms of sustainability. The firm Sanz Pont has recently received the prestigious Novum Design Award in the category of best architectural design, thanks to the renovation that has been done to the building. 

Sustainable renovation

During its renovation, the building was designed according to the concept of sustainable renovation. The main goal was to recover the building in order to reduce its environmental impact during its use and to extend its life span.

During the project, were used materials conformed to all sustainability requirements that have followed a strict environmental quality management plan. Thanks to all these efforts, the property has been certified with LEED Gold certification for sustainability.

A sustainable design

The large windows on the main facade of the building are made of Krion 3D photocatalytic modules, whose main function is to purify the air coming in from the outside through photocatalysis, a process that happens when light hits the surface of certain minerals, such as titanium oxide. It makes them to get in contact with the humidity and oxygen of the environment, creating molecules capable of binding to other polluting particles, which give rise to new molecules, that are not harmful for the people. As a result, the windows not only provide clean, quality air but also allow to enter a large amount of natural light.

In addition, the use of photovoltaic panels on the south façade of the building provides ecological and clean energy.

Beyond these qualities and in order to improve the energy efficiency of the building, different plants have been placed on the roof, which provide an extra layer of insulation that reduce the heat.

Extensive roofs are becoming more and more important in architecture, because they not only integrate vegetation into the buildings, but also bring great benefits to people, species and to the environment.

Finally, the project has been developed using the latest BIM technology, a technique that allows creating a more collaborative way of working between different teams, centralizing all the information in a digital information model that is available for all its agents.

Its technology integrates multidisciplinary data that creates a detailed digital representation, stored in a cloud that allows a real-time collaboration between all stakeholders from all over the world.

We are very proud of the sustainable renovation of the Diagonal 525 building, that has won this Novum Design Award, as this encourages us to continue creating sustainable buildings that satisfy the needs of society, the environment and the users.

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