Colonial policies regarding COVID19 in its building portfolio


Colonial policies regarding COVID19 in its building portfolio

In response to COVID19’s scenario, Colonial has developed and implemented a series of policies to provide and guarantee safe and healthy spaces within the common areas of its property portfolio.

The following list states and explains the main policies and recommendations implemented by the company. These ones could be adjusted according to the legal framework applicable at any given time, as progress is made.

Cleaning & Disinfection:

Colonial keeps increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the different common areas in its buildings.

Use of Gloves and Face Masks

The staff belonging to the utility companies are provided with protective face masks and gloves, according to the requirements established by the guidelines regulating their activity.

Preventive signs

Detailed recommendations on hygiene standards and social distancing are progressively installed on the walls and floors of the buildings’ common areas.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser dispensers are available in both concierge and different level lobbies.

Screens at the reception lobby

There will be screens separating concierges when two of them overlap in time with each other.

Climate Control

The ventilation routines implemented during the quarantine will remain active.

Common areas’ furniture

Due to healthy and security reasons, it will be analysed the possibility of relocating the furniture.


Safety measures have already been implemented, such as establishing limits of users and the continuous air extraction.

Access and visits to the building and its offices

It is being assessed with Colonial’s clients the possibility of implementing phases for the check in and check out of the employees at work. It will be also recommended to outsiders and visitors to carry their own PPE.

Automatic Doors

There will be increase in the time between the opening and closure of the automatic doors, only if the external temperature allows it.

Building Works

Building works are recommended to be executed within the limits of those areas of the buildings that are currently inhabited or in which the residents do not have access to. Therefore, this will be a firewall for the movement of workers and construction materials in the common areas, avoiding contact with the neighbours.

Check the Action and Policy Plan here

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