The benefits of reducing the environmental impact at the office


The benefits of reducing the environmental impact at the office

Carrying out good environmental practices at the office should be an obligation for any company. Sustainability is more necessary than ever, therefore it must also be covered at the workplace.

The first step is to be aware that integrating environmental measures and actions in the company’s management practices will have a direct impact, not only on the health of the planet, but also on the productivity of the company, for the workers’ health, and contribute economic and financial benefits.

For example, if we have an active environmental policy, we will improve the company’s image and brand reputation, a positive aspect in itself, since it is an aspect that consumers are increasingly demanding, and of which more and more awareness exists in society.

Sustainability is linked to health, so a healthy working environment promotes the health of workers. Studies suggest that there is a direct link between the characteristics of a sustainable office and the reduction in the number of sick days. Some actions to move forward in this aspect may be to put plants in the offices, boosting natural light or opting for plant materials. Several studies relate, for example, daily contact with nature to reduced levels of stress or anxiety.

Having good air quality is also essential. At Colonial, we are committed to this aspect, and we work with Aire Limpio to improve the air quality of our buildings, so that they are the healthiest spaces possible.

Sustainability will also boost the company’s economy. Betting on 3R (recycling, reuse and reduction) will allow us to make better use of resources, cut costs and be more efficient. In this sense, conducting an energy audit will also help us not spend more than necessary on the energy consumption of the company and give us guidelines of conduct with which we will enhance the sustainability of the company. In fact, an energy audit is a good starting point to begin improving the sustainability of an office.

We can also go further, and offer workers themselves specific training in this field, so that, on a personal basis, they have greater knowledge of how to be sustainable and be able to apply it both at home and in the office.

The benefits of having a sustainable office can also come in the form of new investors or customers. According to a study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in collaboration with the MIT Sloan Management Review, 75% of senior managers of investment firms take into account the sustainable development of a company for their investment decisions and about half of them do not consider investing in a company with a poor sustainability record. Without a doubt, a compelling reason to bet on a defined environmental policy in the company.

There is no doubt that it is key to understand that betting on sustainability in the company is not only for the good of the planet but for the company itself and its employees, since the benefits of adopting this strategy will also be reflected in health and productivity.

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