Benefits of green offices for users


Benefits of green offices for users

Companies around the world are transforming their offices’ spaces in sustainable environments that benefit employees and that are respectful with the environment. Many studies demonstrate that ecological practices in an office help increasing productivity. This statement implies that sustainable offices make employees happier, relaxed, and efficient.

In today’s post we will analyse all the benefits that green offices can offer its users. Let’s start!

Increases cognitive thinking

A recent study by the company Carrier has demonstrated that green offices can produce a 26% increase of cognition to its users. During the study, significant improvement of use of information, of strategy development and of responses in face of crisis situations were also observed.

Motivation of employees

A company that takes care, not only of employees, but also of the environment in where the office is located creates satisfaction in an office while improves concentration levels and the air quality. When creating green offices users’ happiness increases considerately which implies that they are more willing to go to the office and feel more motivated during working hours. For instance, the study mentioned demonstrated that only by adding plants to different zones the mood of employees improved by 15%.

A healthy work environment

Sustainable offices help improve health and wellness. The quality of air and natural light improve the workspaces’ quality. Gardens and exterior zones allow users to breathe more oxygen and grants freshness to offices. On the other hand, the incorporation of plants and green spaces achieve a better control of temperature and even can reduce the level of noise that comes from outside. The use of solutions that improve air filtration and ventilation not only add value but also improve productivity. An example of these solutions is the project “Aire Limpio” or Air Responsible in Spain that has been applied to many of Colonial’s buildings. A collaborative project that wants to create healthy and sustainable workspaces for users.

Reduces absenteeism

According to the study Effects of Green Buildings on Employee Health and Productivity, users in green offices show a 50% decrease of absenteeism because of allergies or diseases. On the other hand, it also reduces 30% of absences caused by stress or depression.

As it has been said, creating respectful buildings is not only an advantage for the environment but it also has a positive impact in humans and physical and mental health.

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