Being productive during summer is not impossible


Being productive during summer is not impossible

Summer is a moment longed by everyone: the heat arrives, the sun shines brighter, and the holidays fly all over the office. However, working in the summer might be a little bit challenging as well: work distribution due to absent colleagues, high temperatures, demotivation, along with the countdown to one’s holidays, turn what was going to be a moment of relax, into a stressful season at the office. From Colonial we want to suggest some strategies so that you may all survive the month of August at the office and remain productive.

Task planning. It is common in some sectors and teams to cover the absence of colleagues and absorb their tasks. Sometimes the workload increases considerably, and ends up causing high levels of stress and low labour productivity. This additional workload may also be a problem in September, once all teams have returned to the office and regular activity resumes, since some workers may have not rested sufficiently and are not able to start new projects with the energy needed. In an interview with La Vanguardia, Ana Romeo, Director of Human Resources at the insurance company Cigna, explains that in order to prevent work performance from affecting workers during the summer, it is essential to provide them with specific tools that help improve their productivity, as well as distribute their tasks and workloads efficiently. By doing this, you will be able to make a better use of time and improve communication among different teams.

Shorter workdays. Just because employees spend more time at the office doesn’t mean they’re going to produce more. In fact, if you are working and there is a beach or pool nearby, to stay long hour at the office can cause some degree of frustration. According to an article by the company Sage, flexible working hours no only help reconcile workers’ professional and personal life, but also increases their productivity, saves energy and costs, reduces absenteeism and promotes talent attraction and retention.

Right temperature. There is no doubt that temperature at the office during summertime is key to the employees’ comfort, in fact, the National Institute of Safety and Hygiene at Work (INSHT) sets optimal temperature at workplaces between 23 and 27 degrees. A few time ago, we proposed some tips to proper conditioning your offices during summertime, those tips will also help you save energy and keep the office cold, without incurring on excessive expenses. The installation of programmable thermostats, or thermostatic valves, is also a good option to keep the office acclimatized during the working day. However, the most important thing remains to have a good thermal insulation.

Promote internal communication and team building. Summer season can be a good time to organize some relaxed activity with all team members in order to increase the quality of personal relationships. Good communication between workers not only impacts teams willingness to cooperate, but also facilitates the organization of the different tasks and reinforces the feeling of belonging to the company.

Disconnect and let others do it as well. We are constantly connected through our smartphones and more often that it should, we are tempted to check our mail during the holidays or even contact a colleague for an urgent matter. While resting, it is important to avoid these attitudes in order to relax, disconnect and return later on to the office fresh, lively and full of new ideas after summer break.

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