Air quality in office buildings


Air quality in office buildings

Attitudes to sustainable buildings are changing, as are people’s needs, which are continually evolving in order to generate a better situation for the environment and for collective wellbeing. Healthy, sustainable spaces enhance aspects such as health, creativity, productivity, motivation and teamwork.

With human capital in mind, Colonial’s buildings are intended to offer greater comfort and quality to their users and have been designed to this end. One of the major focal points for the offices is users’ mental and physical wellbeing and health. Colonial, as a company committed to these aspects, therefore shows concern for its buildings’ air quality.

Why air quality?

There is growing social concern for health and sustainability and therefore Colonial encourages care for healthy and environmentally-friendly habits in its offices.

Creating healthier spaces is also associated with the quality of the air we breathe. This is one of the essential vectors of good or bad health and one of people’s major concerns.

Although pollution in large cities is reaching critical levels, air quality indoors can be controlled and users can be provided with healthier spaces, thus improving their wellbeing.

Aire Limpio is a company that improves indoor air quality in offices, buildings and hospitals. It uses a filter system to create an effective barrier to outside pollution. Interior air therefore recovers its purity and the workspace becomes an oasis in the midst of the pollution outdoors.

As part of its commitment to the quality and sustainability of our buildings, Colonial is collaborating with Aire Limpio to recover purity in work zones and to favour users’ health. Colonial offices are therefore Air Responsible and concern for good air quality has been shown not only in all phases of the building, but also in the choice of the materials used.

Design strategies associated with greater thermal comfort, adapted artificial and natural lighting, acoustic wellbeing, encouragement for physical activity, natural views and biophilia have also been taken into consideration. All these aspects help offer healthier conditions for employees and underline the importance of people for companies.

A recent study by Aire Limpio points to a correlation between healthy and sustainable work spaces and improvements in productivity and talent retention, as well as reduced absenteeism.

Buildings designed with a philosophy based on health and wellbeing are high-performance properties designed to improve their users’ experience.

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