Agile working methodologies for offices


Agile working methodologies for offices

The latest events raised by the irruption of the Covid-19 in our lives have led companies to seek digital transformation strategies, so that the necessary cultural change is generated through innovation. Many of these companies have opted for Project Management models, which help work teams to obtain an improvement in their processes through much faster and sustainable results. Methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, Lean or Kanban have burst onto the job scene thanks to the emergence of more technological industries, but this type of project is very beneficial for all types of organisations and favours company culture and team unity. Below, we explain what each one of them consists of:

Agile Methodology

Agile is above all a philosophy that proposes a different way of working, which consists of dividing each project into small parts that have to be completed and delivered within a few weeks. The work is divided up into different multidisciplinary teams, which means that it is a system that stands out for its speed and flexibility. There are usually partial deliveries to the client every 15 days approximately, and it is a way of working already used by outstanding companies such as Google or Microsoft.

LEAN Methodology

Another methodology is LEAN, which stands out for eliminating those actions that do not provide any kind of benefit in a process, and thus offer the client an optimum final result. To achieve this, it is necessary to identify from the beginning the objective to be achieved, and to reach it with the least number of elements possible, in order to optimise the business resources. The way of working consists of defining value from the customer's point of view and creating a flow that provides value at all times. It is not a long-term dynamic, but it does incorporate constant improvement to achieve excellence.

As continuous improvement is another of the main concepts of this methodology, it is also necessary to implement indicators during the process to obtain increasingly efficient results.

SCRUM methodology

A third concept that we have is called Scrum, another system focused on teamwork, with the peculiarity that works especially well in those projects of complex environments, where obtaining results quickly is essential.

The team in charge synchronizes daily, also making the necessary updates periodically, so that everything works in the most correct way.

It is executed in short time cycles of fixed duration, but each of them must provide an increase in the product or final result, until the established result is achieved.

Kanban Methodology

And the last agile methodology that we are telling you about is the so-called Kanban, originally from Japan and whose literal translation would be the visual card. Its very name already indicates to a great extent what it consists of, as it is a board accessible to the whole team, which explains the tasks to be carried out and the steps necessary to complete them. Therefore, it is a very visual and easy to use system, which also allows to improve the workflow and to reach a sustainable rhythm, making very clear the work to be done at every moment.

These are all ways of working with different peculiarities, but they all aim to improve the work processes and work efficiency of a team.

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