5G, the new revolution in the office


5G, the new revolution in the office

Although 5G made its official appearance in Spain on 15 June, for the time being it is still not available for the population at large. However, according to Unissu, the UK platform of experts in Prop Tech, there is no doubt at all that the fifth mobile telephony network will make an impact on the real estate sector. Indeed, high speed and new bandwidth will yield a perfect connection, which will increase the effectiveness and work performance of millions of employees.

In light of this technological revolution we should therefore ask, how should we adapt to the change brought by 5G in our sector? A few advances that this new technology will bring in your offices are mentioned below:

Augmented reality. With the implementation of this new technology, easy downloading of data and fast browsing will mean that augmented reality applications aimed at the real estate market are at last a viable and practical option for companies. Clients, for example, will be able to view buildings without having to move physically or to see the end result of an architecture project for a building under construction, thus optimising the search process.  

Network slicing. According to research performed by Edinburgh University, 5G will bring new types of network architecture that will make it possible to distribute bandwidth supply smartly to suit the needs of each task and therefore to work more effectively. This will yield tremendous benefits in co-working spaces, where companies may reserve specific segments to suit their needs and bring added value to the lease of space.

Virtual meetings. 5G will multiply network efficiency and traffic notably, which will itself yield an improvement in the working experience of employees, who will be able to meet remotely and to share data and information more efficiently. The implementation of this technology will also make it possible for work to be done in spaces other than the office. The use of tools such as mobile devices without having to connect to WiFi, will directly bring about an increase in productivity and more flexible hours for employees.

Maintenance of more efficient buildings. The fifth mobile revolution will also impact the administration of buildings through IoT devices and cloud-stored information. This will systematically assist the management of offices, and also simplify the control from just one device of several buildings located in different countries and locations.

In short, these new technological advances will bring a true revolution in office and property management, and improve work quality and employee welfare.

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