These days there is an app for every need. It is sometimes not easy to decide which are of most use to us. At Colonial, we have identified a few that every office should have to make day-to-day work easier.

Trello. One of the most powerful project management tools on the market. The main function of the app, which is very visual, is to help to manage large teams and the tasks assigned to each project. With this app, working together becomes a whole lot easier. If you are a person that uses the GTD (Getting Things Done) activity management approach, you will find that Trello adapts to it perfectly.

Loop - Habit Tracker. We all like to make certain changes to our work routines to make us more productive. Nevertheless, some experts take the view that it takes at least 66 days to establish a good habit. With this simple free app, you can monitor the habits you want to implement on a daily basis and know if you are achieving your goals.

Evernote. There are numerous note-taking apps. This one is especially useful and versatile. It not only allows us to take notes, label them and group the together, it also lets us attach photos and recordings, draw up checklists etc. The app, with its familiar green elephant icon, is undoubtedly a big hitter when it comes to improving productivity.

Pocket. Being connected to the internet at work is not without its dangers. It has happened to all of us – you are busy working on something, you come across an interesting article related to a professional matter, you read it, it leads to others... Although what you have read may be really interesting, without realising it you have lost track of what you were doing and find it hard to pick up the thread anew. Pocket is the answer to such a situation. By simply clicking on an icon on your PC, tablet or phone, you can save the article in question. This means you won’t forget about it and when you have a moment you can read it from any device.

Documents to Go. In our day-to-day work, we attend numerous meetings away from the office and, on occasions, we need to access a document and don’t have our computer to hand. Thanks to this app you will never be without your PDF, Word, Excel and Power Point documents, which you can then edit on the go. It also offers remote connection to a computer or the Google Docs storage system, allowing you to save changes and even create new documents.

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