Tips on how to withstand the heat in the office


Tips on how to withstand the heat in the office

We are already in the middle of summer and high temperatures are sometimes difficult to bear in the office. Experiencing excessive heat can also cause negative symptoms for workers, such as drowsiness, apathy, muscle cramps, increased sweating and feelings of exhaustion. These symptoms can affect the productivity and concentration of employees, who do not feel comfortable during the working day.

To avoid this type of situation, it is important to make a series of adjustments to our workspaces, as well as to follow an appropriate diet. If you do not know where to start, we will show you a series of recommendations that will allow you to face your summer working day in the most comfortable way. Do not miss them!

Hydration and Nutrition

As it is already wise to drink plenty of water throughout the day, during the summer season it is even more important that the body is well cooled and hydrated. If water is not your thing, you can try cold drinks such as tea with a little ice. In any case, it is best to avoid excessively cold beverages, as well as the consumption of carbonated drinks.

As for food, it is better to leave aside hot and heavier meals, as they increase the feeling of discomfort and drowsiness, and opt for cooler or lighter dishes, such as salads or gazpachos. Fruits are also great allies to combat the heat, such as watermelon, melon or cherries, as they have a large amount of water and are great as a snack during breaks or as lunch during intense workdays.

Air conditioning in the office

This issue is always a matter of dispute in offices and there are always people who are warmer than others and vice versa, which is a high waste of energy consumption. In order to solve this situation, air conditioning is one of the most important factors, as it directly affects the way users work and their health. 

To work comfortably, it is recommended to maintain a constant average temperature between 24º and 26º C, while the air humidity should be between 30% to 70º%. It is also advised to turn off the air conditioning systems at the end of the working day and to reduce it in areas that are rarely used, such as meeting rooms, thus avoiding the continuous on and off switching of equipment. 

Workspace Design

In order to obtain good air conditioning in workspaces, it is important to include a series of improvements in their design. A good option is the use of insulating windows, since these are the locations with the greatest thermal leakage in the building. These windows are characterized by having two sheets of glass in parallel planes and an air chamber in the middle that serves as a separation between the interior and exterior.

Another option is the use of curtains that prevent solar radiation from entering through the windows during the hours of highest sunlight occurrence. It is ideal to have a double curtain, a white one on the outside that reflects a large amount of sunlight, and a darker one for the inside, since they retain heat better. 

These are some tips to apply so that this summer you can work comfortably in your office. What other tricks or recommendations do you have to stay cool when working in the summer? 

We will read your comments!

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