What is pre-holiday syndrome and how do we avoid it?


What is pre-holiday syndrome and how do we avoid it?

The countdown has begun. Those long-awaited vacations are just around the corner, and, in the next few weeks, you will begin to enjoy a few days of rest. However, the days leading up to it can cause you to feel anxiety, insomnia, stomach aches, stress and restlessness, symptoms also known as pre-holiday syndrome. Why? According to Pablo Muñoz, member of the American Psychological Association, "The symptoms suffered by the person who experiences this syndrome are the same as those that occur with any other type of stress, only that they are accentuated in the days prior to the vacations because of our self-demanding nature, because we want to make sure everything is resolved before leaving, and because of our inability to disconnect."

In today's blog, we will give you some of the tools necessary to control these symptoms. 

How can we control it? 

To begin, it is necessary to control the physiological symptoms, as pointed out by experts. One option may be to use breathing and relaxation techniques, such as meditation. Once you have mastered the physical part, you can start working on the mental part. 

In many cases, stress occurs in situations of change, as such situations break the routines in which people are comfortable. To avoid this, it is wise to organize and plan out all work and prioritize tasks to avoid having too much work and having to solve everything at the last minute. In addition, an orderly plan allows for more organized delegating and makes the situation easier for fellow colleagues. And, above all, it is important to consider unexpected events, because yes, they can happen. So, if they are considered when planning, they will have less of an impact, and we will be prepared to face them and avoid a lot of stress.

Another key factor is order, not only of the workspace, but also of the tools you use to work. Tidying up your computer and workspace brings benefits on a personal level, as it allows for better organization, but also helps colleagues to have easier access to information if there is an unforeseen event while you are away. 

Before you start your vacation period, prepare a list of "To-Do" items that you will have to start with when you return. This technique will save you from worrying about any tasks before returning to work.

Finally, it is important to keep your cell phone in mind. If disconnecting it is not an option, you can establish schedules for checking e-mail and work-related messages. This way, you can avoid being on call 24 hours a day.  

What are the benefits for people by implementing these tools?

Detecting these symptoms and working to avoid or reduce them will help you go on vacation calmer and more relaxed. In addition, the previous days will be more enjoyable and organized, avoiding any feelings of being overwhelmed, worried, anxious, fatigued and distracted.

Without a doubt, at Colonial we work to create offices for the benefit of their users, creating rest and meeting areas that promote order and organization of the teams and avoid these types of health problems. 

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