The workspace experience, a key value


The workspace experience, a key value

The workspace experience is gaining more and more importance to companies, along with sustainability and efficiency. Workspaces are becoming something more than just those areas to do our daily tasks, and they are continuously evolving to give solutions, enrich and improve the needs of the employees. This week at Colonial’s blog we want to share some of the most interesting workspace experiences to prove that offices are, and will be, the best place to develop our jobs.  

Meditation Chambers

The first workspace experience that we would like to review are the Meditation Chambers. These workspaces function as some sort of shelter rooms in which people can find a moment of peace and tranquility. Some of them count with illuminated panels to create a unique visual environment to support the process of disconnection and stress-free feeling.

Vertical and Interior Gardens

Natural elements in different types and shapes are gaining more presence at workplaces. We have been hearing for a long time about the advantages that plants provide to offices and this tendency have developed into new forms to apply nature in constructions and interior design: vertical and interior gardens are a good example of that. Interior gardens are spaces in which people can walk or concentrate in a task whether in group or by themselves. The focus in here is the fact that people are in touch with nature and can clear their minds. Vertical gardens, on the other hand, are not really something new, however they were used mainly as a decorative item whereas right now they are used most of all to separate working areas, adding a natural touch instead of a big metal filling cabinet.

Private Rooms

Another frequent element these days is a more functional and productive workspace experience. Private rooms are little soundproof chambers that have become popular in open space workplaces since they offer privacy and silence. The more common are the individual ones, and they have been designed to make conferences or video calls without troubling the rest of colleagues at work. Nevertheless, there are also rooms for small working groups in which it is possible to arrange meetings and perform brainstorming sessions with the advantage that no one is bothered by it. These rooms provide a trendier touch to any office and they are easy to install at no great expense.

Climbing Walls

At the beginning of this century, we saw how technology startups started to include leisure areas within their offices. The norm was to find ping-pong tables, foosball, or videogames. These spaces, however, have evolved in later years and they offer new experiences such as climbing walls. This workplace experience allows us not only to have a break in our daily routines, but also to exercise ourselves at a physical level, improving employees’ health while getting rid of stress and having some fun. Another advantage is that they Foster social interaction and create a more relaxed and fun atmosphere among peers.

“Agile” Rooms

We would like to finish this review by including specific areas in which teams can perform tasks standing and walking. These original workspaces are quite linked with agile methodologies, and they consist of entire workspaces designed to teamwork with specific furniture created to help cocreation, visual contact among participants and a variety of interactions, since they also include resting areas.

These are five good examples that show how workspaces can be a great source for wellness and efficiency not only for employees’ but also for companies. Workspace experiences provide productive working hours but also enriching, healthy and funny ones.

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