Wittywood, the first all-wood office building


Wittywood, the first all-wood office building

Colonial is a key part of the current construction of a building that is a milestone in the sector in Spain. We are talking about Wittywood, the first all-wood office building that is being built in our country.

Designed by the Ballarin & Grinyó studio, it has 4,100 m2 and is located at 42 Llacuna Street, in the heart of Barcelona's 22@ district, the innovation hub of Barcelona, which houses the headquarters of some large multinational companies. Of its total surface area, 2,600 m2 will be offices, while the rest will be used for complementary purposes. It is expected to become a reality in the second half of 2021 and will be the perfect example of the company's firm commitment to three strategic axes for the future: sustainability, digitalisation and process industrialisation.

Wood plays a fundamental role in this project, providing multiple advantages such as a 50% reduction in carbon emissions during construction. Another of its positive aspects is the lower noise pollution, which does not produce negative environmental impacts, or its capacity to absorb electromagnetic radiation. Likewise, it is a material that makes it possible to regulate humidity inside the building, which can be recycled many times, and which at the end of its useful life provides clean energy. Therefore, outstanding advantages for the planet, but also for future office users. Because of these and other characteristics, the building will have the highest environmental ratings: LEED Platinum and WELL Platinum, another fact that endorses the company's commitment to sustainability. Currently, 92% of our properties are certified with the LEED or BREEAM environmental seals. 

With Wittywood, Colonial begins its journey to explore the industrialized construction, a type of building that allows to limit the time of the work, with new sustainable materials and betting on the IOT technology (Internet of Things), which allows the optimization of energy consumption.

Entry with 50% in Wittywood's capital

With this project, Colonial enters with 50% in the capital of the company Wittywood, with the objective of continuing to develop constructions of similar characteristics in the future. The building will be a reality after a total investment of 12 million euros, assumed by Colonial in a 50% and by the promoter and strategic partner, Narcís Barceló, in the remaining 50%.

Therefore, this is a milestone not only for Colonial, but for the entire Real Estate sector in Spain, whose greatest benefit is undoubtedly sustainability, thanks to the uniqueness of a project that stands out for its respect for the environment.

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